BONECRUSHER mussten ihre Europatour absagen. Sänger Robo hat in seinem Leben gerade etwas zu kämpfen. Und das macht momentanes Touren leider unmöglich. Hier kommt ein Statement von Cityrat Records und der Band:


Hello friends, partners, clubs, promoters and fans

Last week we´ve gotten some sad news from the Bonecrusher camp. The band is forced to cancel the European Tour, again !

We want to apologies to all the promoters,festivals, clubs and fans who were looking forward to see them again this year after they  were forced to cancel last years tour becasue of Raybos jail sentece.

We hate to say it but its becasue of issues with Raybo again that the band is forced to cancel their August trip.

Here is part of Statement we´ve got from the Band “  Well it has come to this, Raybo has to many personal issues going on with his life and himself to make it out on the tour.

We have racked our brains trying to come up with a solution and all roads lead to a bad and less than what the crowds at the gigs would expect from us or want from us”

The Band, Knock Out Records and Cityrat- Booking were trying to come up with a solution  but none of it would´ve been 100% Bonecrusher and none of us would stand for an half assed solution so we are forced to cancel the tour.

Again apologies goes out to everyone who booked shows, trusted us and were looking forward to see the band again.

We are just as disappointed as you are.

Until Raybo get his life sorted there wont be any touring plans for Bonecrusher

Sorry again and hope to see you down the road

Cityrat- Booking  & Knock Out Records