I want to bindingly register the following band for the next Plastic Bomb CD supplement. I delegate the right to publish this song once on the CD supplement (pressing of 10.000 copies) to Plastic Bomb GmbH. I assure to be authorised to do so and that the following data are true. The song does not violate applicable law. Plastic Bomb GmbH is at liberty to refuse the song which you will be informed of via e-mail immediately after receiving the song.

Please answer the following questions. We will publish your answers in our fanzine to give our readers an impression of your band.  Subsequent to your answers, we will print the review of your  record that you or your label sent to us.
IMPORTANT: we will transfer the text via copy/paste and just put it into our template. You are responsible for formal and comma mistakes and typos. Please let another person proofread the interview. It is appreciated.

Please stick to the maximum limit of words, otherwise we will have to shorten your text without further notice.

If you have any questions, please refer to ronja (AT) plastic-bomb.de


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