The heart of Plastic Bomb fanzine is our CD supplement.
We give you and your bands the opportunity to release a song on this pay-to-play CD. Furthermore, the band gets featured in this context in the zine.
You are free to publish greetings, poems, spoken word pieces and the like, too, as long as your piece of art is in .wav format and fits our content guidelines.
Plastic Bomb is published in an edition of 10.000 and available at newsagent's in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, moreover at many record and clothing stores, clubs and venues and it gets sent to many promoters, bookers and labels as voucher copies.
What does a CD comp. track cost?
We charge you 12,50 EUR per 1/4 minute, in addition to 19% VAT. We also bill you by 1/4 minute. We send the invoice once all the info is exchanged.
The costs only serve to cover production and handling time.
Who's allowed to be on it?
Essentially, every kind of release that does NOT convey sexist, racist or moronic contents. You can also recite a poem, greet someone or make a speech, whatever rocks your boat.
Important: the early bird catches the worm! It's not entirely up to us who can be on the next CD comp., it's YOU, if you are quick enough. So put your dancing shoes on and hurry up!
GEMA / Collecting Societies
Actually, we would like to feature only bands that are not registered with a collecting society (e.g. GEMA). Therefore, every band that is registered with the GEMA or a similar collecting society, has to pay an extra charge of 22,50 EUR per 1/4 minute in addition to 19% VAT. You can actually get that money back from the appropriate society. If that's a good procedure... that's your call.
YOU are obliged to tell US that you are registered with the GEMA or a similar collecting society BEFORE we send the CD to the pressing plant. If you tell us at a later point, we will have to automatically charge you with 22,50 EUR per 1/4 minute in addition to 19% VAT.
So you agree with our terms and guidelines and you want to be part of the CD comp.? Then follow up on these easy steps:
Step 1: Please contact ronja(AT)plastic-bomb(.)de for reservation and the current deadline for the needed info.
Step 2: Fill out the form for the CD back cover / the GEMA release / the collecting society release / deatailed invoice info. We will then copy/paste the info from the form.
That means we are not liable for typos concerning your band name or contact / e-mail address.
Step 3: We need your song in .wav format. We will NEITHER rip the song of one of your sent CDs, NOR will we convert a different format into a .wav file. The reason for this is that the transformation of files can possibly lead to technical problems and/or loss of sound quality. We want the song in the format (.wav), in which it is processed in the pressing plant, so we cannot be held responsible for any transformation errors and the likes. Please entitle your song as follows: band name - song title, to avoid confusion.
You can send us the .wav file via e-mail or send us a dropbox link or upload it to one of the many file sharing portals.
Step 4: To be featured in the fanzine, please answer the questions of the mini interview accordingly, you find the form HERE.
Step 5: We need a picture from you in order to introduce your band to our readers. We will print it next to the mini interview and the review of your album. The pic can be a band logo, the up-to-date album cover or a QR code. The picture is always printed in black and white and not much bigger than a stamp, so a band photo wouldn\'t make much sense. Please send the pic to ronja(AT)plastic-bomb(.)de in a resolution of 300 dpi, 5x5 cm.
Here's some additional info:
Ranking / track list
It is our decision, and ours alone, which band is on which position on the CD supplement. It has nothing to do with who has sent his/her contribution late or early, who our personal favourites are or which band is the most well-known or anything. We always try to create a fluid sequence and transition between different musical genres, styles and recording qualities to secure maximum listening pleasure for our dear readers. On that account it is not a bad omen to be among the last songs fo the CD comp., it is all about a pleasant overall picture of our CD. Please understand. It is appreciated.
By the way: The CD will only be worked over in regards to differences in volume. We are not able to master or improve your songs / sound quality. You are responsible for the quality of your recordings and that it fits to the overall picture of the CD.

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