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Machen wir uns nichts vor: Auch im auslaufenden Jahr 2015 ist Punk immer noch eine ziemliche Schwanzparade. Trotz zahlreicher Diskussionen der letzten Jahre und Jahrzehnte herrscht hier ein höhrerer Männerüberschuss als an einem Dienstag Vormittag im Swingerclub. Auch Plastic Bomb kann sich da, trotz der allmächtigen Ronja an der Spitze, nicht ganz von ausnehmen. Als die Idee aufkam, doch mal mehr Kolumnen ins Heft zu nehmen war klar: Kolumnistinnen werden bei gleicher Eignung und Qualifikation bevorzugt eingestellt. Über Umwege wurde uns dann die großartige Denice Bourbon zugespielt, die nicht weiter überzeugt werden musste und sofort zusagte.

Denice kommt eigentlich aus Finnland, kindheitete in Schweden und lebt nun in Wien, wo sie Künstlerin, Entertainerin, DJ, Burlesque-Tänzerin und und und ist. Sie definiert sich aus Queerfeministin und schreibt schon seit Jahren für verschiedene Formate, unter anderem die Kolumne „Lesbennest“ für das feministische Magazin an.schläge. 2013, im zarten Alter von 37, legte sie bereits ihre Biographie „Cheers! Stories of a Fabulous Queer Femme in Action“ vor. Nun begrüßen wir sie bei Plastic Bomb.

Noch etwas: Denice besitzt zusätzlich die Dreistigkeit auf Englisch zu schreiben. Aber wenn ihr nicht alle eure Englischkenntnisse durch Netflix perfektioniert habt, gibt es ja immer noch Google Translate.

Hey Denice, welcome at Plastic Bomb. What can the reader expect from your new column "Queer as Hell, Punk as Fuck"?

A laugh-out-loud column about my fabulous life and things that piss me off. I have an opinion on basically everything, and I love sharing that. I do realize that I should never tell people I'm funny, because then they expect that, and then it's not funny anymore. Oh well. I'm very good at digging my own grave(s).

denice2 Stefanie AnastaseYou write for feminist magazines and you are an party icon in Vienna. Whats your link to punkrock?

I have a montly column since 8 years! My link to punkrock is, well, everything basically. Punkrock is how I identify since the early 90's. To me it's a concept of life, how you choose to see the world. Anti-normativity, Anti-consumerism, Anti-following idiotic manmade rules.

Punkrock is to question everything and know that you don't have to buy into that shit. (= the establishment).

Haha! I sound like an angry teenager who just discovered anarchism... Regarding punkrock as a music style; I've played in 3 punkrock bands and the other bands I've had, regardless of if it was lesbo-country or my current darkvawe band "Me and Jane Doe"; my songwriting always have a punkrock core somewhere.

And Babes In Toyland! Always Babes In Toyland! (yes. they are punkrock in my book.)

For you as a queer feminist woman: How do you see the punk scene in austria and/or germany?

basically as everywhere else. very dude-y. one thing that annoys the fuck out of me is that there are so many "good guys" in the scene who think that they are "oh so aware" because they are anarchists/antifa/whateva.

So they are completely oblivious to their white cis-guy normative behaviour. They take up lots of space and don't question their privileges. As a woman I constantly feel othered. Also, as a queer feminist FEMME punkrock woman, I am constantly being questioned and met with scepsis because I don't follow their dresscodes. It's so tiring that I'm actually not that interested in being part of that scene much. I'm more of a observer nowadays. And not to be forgotten, the scene is a bit too hetero for my taste. Although one should not forget about all the amazing queer punkrock bands and activists out there!!!

As far as I know, you are the first person publishing an english column in our magazine. Why english?denice3

Because german is my third language. So it's too hard, even though I speak and write it fluently.

And I am of the opinion that due to the very strange "satzbau" with the "verb am ende" you can't really be funny with punchlines in german... See what I did there? I probably annoyed a lot of people just now.. what a good start for me. Haha!

If you could travel in Time once, what would you do: Spending a hot night with Wendy O Williams or talking about feminism with the teenage Kathleen Hannah?

Hot night with Wendy O Williams!!! ANY TIME, BUTCHER BABY!! I think Kathleen Hannah has been immensely important for the scene. Totally! But it is something with that woman on a personal level that annoys me. Her politics, music, actions, bravery; all amazing!! But she doesn't seem to have much sense of humour. And I can't do that. You need to be able to take a good piss at people, be cynical and mean in your humour. Otherwise you can't really talk to me. Although here I must say that I bark much louder than I bite.

I'm actually known to be way way sweeter and nicer than people first think.