Die GLORY BOYS oder: Wie man ganz unpolitisch für die Musik von Rechtsradikalen werben, mit rechten Bands spielen, auf einem rechten Label Platten veröffentlichen und dem Bösen in der Welt einen Namen geben kann


Die GLORY BOYS aus Spanien wurden in Teilen der deutschen Punkszene vor allem durch einen gemeinsamen Auftritt mit VOLXSTURM und die sich daran anschließende Kontroverse bekannt. VOLXSTURM, das mal vorweg, haben sich von der Band distanziert und weitere Konzerte mit ihr ausgeschlossen (s. a. die Diskussion auf der Homepage vom Archiv Potsdam). Ihre Bewertung der GLORY BOYS finde ich zwar ein wenig zu freundlich, aber ich weiß auch nicht was ihnen zu dieser Zeit bekannt war. Doch weiter im Text. Im OIRE-SZENE-Blog werden die Spanier eindeutig als RAC-Band bezeichnet. Als Argument für diese Einschätzung dient ihre, sagen wir mal, äußerst rechtsoffene Konzertpolitik  (SKINFULL, KATEGORIE C…). Ansonsten war zunächst einmal nicht viel über die Band zu finden, was den Kameraden von der unpolitischen Fraktion mal wieder reichlich Gelegenheit gab gegen die überkorrekten Antifa- und PC-Szene-Spalter zu wettern. Nun bin ich vor Kurzem aber auf zwei äußerst interessante Interviews der GLORY BOYS gestoßen und möchte die Jungs hier einmal auszugsweise selbst zu Wort kommen lassen, damit der geneigte Leser sich eine etwas fundiertere Meinung als bisher zu dem Thema bilden kann. Ein paar der besonders „unpolitischen“ Bands habe ich dabei mal hervorgehoben…





2.How would you explain "Glory Boys" sound and message?
- Our sound is mainly influenced from the 80’s English and French oi! bands. We have strong vocals, sometimes compared to CONDEMNED 84 , and a rhythm bass like french bands (SKINCORPS, BRUTAL COMBAT,...) and try to make an overall “re verb” ambiance. We try to make and atmosphere of aggression and menace that fills you with energy…

10.What current skinhead bands do you like now a days?
- In my opinion there’s a lot of crap being released nowadays and there are not many bands that I like. Good surprises lately to me have been BOOTPRINT from Quebeq, Crucial Change , Hammer & The Nails, Mercancias (even that I shouldn’t name it haha), Close Combat, Brassic, Youth Voices, OFFENSIVE WEAPON, The Cliches, On the Job, Wrongdoers, Control, East End Badoes, ...

12.Are you a fan of the the R.A.C. band División 250, who was also from Valencia?
- DIVISION 250 and KLAN have been the biggest RAC bands from Valencia and they are also considered within the top ones from Spain. We like them but I think we don’t agree with the message and with being so much politicized. Even D250 left the skinhead look behind and were still making music only to spread their political message.


Auf der STILL CRUCIFIED-Seite  (Man beachte auch die anderen Bands, die dort vorgestellt werden…)  

5. Which bands influenced you in your beginning?
The 2 music "scenes" that we allways liked were the english and french ones from the 80's. So we could say some of our influences have been Cockney Rejects, CONDEMNED 84, ABH, Komintern Sect, CLOSE SHAVE, BRUTAL COMBAT, and so on.

7. What is your opinion on present spanish street scene?
The spanish scene is quite divided by politics and is quite small compared to the ones from Germany and other european countries. We've got some new bands that are starting to be known abroad, be it social combat, ultimo asalto, shaved dogs or us.
About gigs we don't have any big fest, but in our town,Valencia, we are putting good oi! gigs with known bands from abroad like HAIRCUT, BAKERS DOZEN, Perkele, Scum, Loyalty, Krawallbrüder, The Veros, Superyob, Frankie Flames,... but they are for a small audience (maybe 80-130 people), there won't be more people coming, so we cannot put big fests.Anyway we are happy how things are going cause some years ago you couldn't find anything better.

9. Which of new bands attracted you in present?
It depends on what you consider as "new bands". Some of the bands that we are listening to lately could be Retaliator, Veros, Gerbenok, KILL BABY KILL, TATTOED MOTHERFUCKERS, Bombardiers, Orreaga 778, Loyalty, Straight Laced, Shaved Dogs, Bulldozer, Templars, Secret Army, Discipline, Stomper 98, Bakers Dozen, Haircut,…






3.You haven't released any new music in quite some time. When can we expect a new album?
- Until now, we’ve released our debut 12” Glory Nights EP on DIM records and a 7” with Crowbar Records/Glory Boys records, which has 2 songs from our upcoming new LP/CD, that would be out very soon again on DIM. We also are going to put one song in the future 30th Anniversary Oi! the Album, compiled by Garry Bushell and released with Contra Records. We are also working in the future release of a new 7”. So now it seems that things are starting to speed up.

5.Have any of the members in "Glory Boys" played in other bands, or have other project on the side?
- When we started, no one had played in any other bands. While starting with Glory boys we had a side project called “Gol Nord” which was a hooligan rock band for the Levante UD team from our city Valencia, since at that time we were involved in a firm called “Força Llevant”. We released a CD “Llevant UE Rock’n’Oi!” which was later released in vinyl on DIM Records.






2.How would you explain "Glory Boys" sound and message?

-Our message deals with empowering yourself, being proud of what you are and where you come from, being sick of today’s society and the lies of the corrupt elite ruling the world. Anyway we still try to have fun in the middle of this mess.

13.What are your thoughts on, Manuel Canduela and his political party, Democracia Nacional?
- First thing to say is that I don’t follow any political party nor ideology, I use to say that my only ideology is truth; I’ve got my own opinion on everything that I know and don’t talk about things that I don’t have a clue. Current political parties and ideologies are a waste of time for me. I think people must put aside differences in ideologies and parties and unite against the same own enemy which is the ruling elite.
-Having made that clear, I can say about Manuel Canduela that he looks like an intelligent man and a good speaker, but gets trapped (willingly or not) in the same bullshit and divisions that I was talking before. For what I’ve seen one of his main themes is the fight against Islam, which I believe is a pre-fabricated problem (and you don’t have to be so smart to see who benefits from that and could have created that problem and debate in western society); he also doesn’t point out the reality behind “muslim” terrorism, Al-qaeda and all that stuff (which is fabricated from within government, intelligence agencies and the same ruling elite we were talking before). So for me his speech is blind, wrong and inaccurate; the same for his party.
-Besides that, I must point out that it’s at least funny that you sang against Democracy and nowadays you have a party named “National Democracy” and you are playing within the system rules.



10. What about your jobs and hobbies?
About our jobs just see the first question. We all like to hang around with our friends and spend some time in the bar. Music is of course one of our passions too. Nestor also likes to read about conspiracies, black ops and cover ups.




1)      Ich verlinke hier keine (aus meiner Sicht) rechten Seiten. Die betreffenden Interviews lassen sich problemlos im Netz finden.

2)      Verschwörungstheorien wie die hier angeschnittenen haben oft einen antisemitischen Kern, dem nicht selten auch Menschen beipflichten, die sich selbst keineswegs als Rechtsextremisten sehen. Natürlich wird die korrupte Elite von den GLORY BOYS nicht konkretisiert und wer ihnen freundlicher gesonnen ist als ich mag sich an dieser Stelle einfach „Die Kapitalisten“ oder Ähnliches denken. „Die Juden“ ist aber ebenso denkbar und ich glaube, dass diese Interpretierbarkeit, vor allem wenn man sich den Rest bzw. das Umfeld der GLORY BOYS anschaut, auch durchaus erwünscht ist. Die Tatsache, dass „die Muslime“ auf einer ansonsten wohl eher anti-islamischen Homepage in Schutz genommen werden, bildet dazu keinen Widerspruch, existieren doch auch innerhalb der Fascho-Szene beide Standpunkte.